Even if silk is washed 60 times in a household washing machine, it hardly gets frayed, faded, or shrunken due to friction.
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Can be washed many times
Silk Fabrics

Evolution of Hama Chirimen
Finally, washable silk!

Realized "silk fabric that can be washed many times" in a washing machine! First appearance of YasaSilk, a fabric processing technology by the HAMACHIRIMEN INDUSTRIAL (COOPERATIVE) ASSOCIATION in Shiga Prefecture. (Patent pending)


YasaSilk," the processing technology developed this time, has realized the performance of silk fabrics with very little shrinkage and almost no color fading even after being washed 60 times in a household washing machine, which is the weakest point of silk, due to wet friction. This is a major feature of this fabric.

Even if silk is washed 60 times in a household washing machine, it hardly gets frayed, faded, or shrunken due to friction.

Silk’s inherent properties, such as moisture absorption and desorption, and its ability to keep you cool in summer and warm in winter, are also maintained.
We can process not only our Hama-Chirimen fabric but also other silk fabrics, so that you can use our silk in various fields such as kimono, all kinds of apparel products, outerwear, innerwear, underwear, children’s clothing, homewear, bedding, and interior fabric products, etc., and enjoy the gentle and comfortable performance of silk We hope that our customers will enjoy the skin-friendly and comfortable performance of silk on a daily basis.

Yasa Silk Washable & Sustainable

YasaSilk Performance Results

As a processing method, silk fabrics are treated with an organic compound to form cross-linked bonds at the fibroin molecular level.
This has increased the strength of the fabric and improved its resistance to washing. With the support and cooperation of the Industrial Technology Center of Shiga Prefecture’s Northeastern Region, our association, after 13 years of development, has succeeded in developing a silk fabric that can be used daily and is easy to care for, considering that the wonderful performance of silk can be utilized in various fields. (Patent pending)
This new processing service will be performed at the scouring processing plant of the HAMACHIRIMEN INDUSTRIAL (COOPERATIVE) ASSOCIATION.


YasaSilk Processing Technology

●Kaken Test Center JIS L1930 C4M method

Compared to the untreated product, the treated product shows stable performance after 60 washes with almost no whitening or shrinkage due to slippage.
Test results at the Industrial Technology Center of Shiga Prefecture’s Northeast Division also showed no change in moisture absorption and desorption in the processed product compared to the unprocessed product, indicating silk’’s original performance.

YasaSilk Thoughts behind

Stronger silk,
kinder to people.

YasaSilk is a next-generation silk material with
a special washable finish that maintains the smooth feel of silk.
Today’s younger generation is turning away from kimonos due to a lack of opportunities to wear them and the difficulty of taking care of them.
In Nagahama City, Shiga Prefecture, a long-time producer of high-quality silk fabrics, traditional craftsmen’s techniques and cutting-edge technology have met to produce an unprecedented "gentle silk.

While maintaining the one-of-a-kind luster and feel of silk, The fabric is washable. Silk can be washed at home and can be enjoyed clean at any time, which is gentle to the wearer.

We want more people to enjoy silk,
a material that heals both body and soul,
not only for traditional Japanese clothing but also for bedding and interior decoration.
Under the slogan of "making silk strong and gentle to people,"
YasaSilk will continue to convey the charm of silk that enriches modern lifestyles from Japan to the world.


YasaSilk Logo

The YasaSilk logo, as a washable silk processing technology, molds the weave of the fabric in the form of water droplets, with a washing bubble in the upper right corner.


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